Classic Christmas Movies

Scrooge This is The 1970 Movie Version Which was Done as a Musical and Starred Albert Finney as Ebenezer Scrooge.This is an Screen adaption of The Famous Charles Dickens Tale "A Christmas Carol" written in 1843.Although [...]
Its a Wonderful Life Starring James Stewart is Probably My Favorite Christmas Movie Classic along Side Miracle on 34 th Street.This is The Full Movie Version OF Frank Capri's Christmas Classic.Here is Some Excerpts from [...]
Here is a Trailer Clip The 1947 version of the Movie Classic Miracle on 34th Street which is the 1rst and in My Opinion and That of Many others the best by far is an Excerpt from a Wikipedia article about Th [...]
Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer was made has a Christmas Television Special and was first aired by The NBC Television Network December 6th 1964 this is Now an American Christmas Classic its Done in a Animated Cartoon Style [...]
This is a Great Christmas Cartoon Short Done Way back in 1939 directed by Hugh Harmen and released by MGM Studios Like most Cartoonist a Great Imagination and Just a Little "Off" Kinda like Old "Walt" The Scenario is a [...]